Three Weeks

I only have three weeks left until I leave and I could not be more excited to begin this exchange year in Germany.

Retrospectively, it is truly funny how certain small connections can collide and alter the course of one’s life. In November of 2016, I heard from a German exchange student that there was another German exchange student, in California, that was in need of a new host family. Through a wild connection of neighbors in Germany, who knew a couple in my town, who happened to know our family friends, as well as a split decision to host, we were brought in contact with the most lovely German family. After a lot of paperwork and processing, my family came to host this exchange student. Having studied German, and done a short summer exchange there, hosting a German exchange student was really a dream come true. My family had one of the most amazing years hosting, and stayed in regular contact with him and his family. Although it was very hard to say goodbye after such a wonderful time together, we knew that we would visit again soon. Only, I didn’t realize that “visiting again soon” would actually be so soon. As it turns out, this lovely family will be hosting me for this upcoming exchange year.  I am so excited to be staying with such a compassionate and incredibly humorous family; I can not even begin to fathom how lucky I am.

I am so excited for this year ahead of me. A gap year was never an option that I considered, but I am more than happy that I am taking a year to do something adventurous, challenging, and rewarding. Furthermore, I am honored that I get to take part in the Congress-Bundestag Program, and venture for increased diplomatic, cultural, and political understanding. As aforementioned, small connections tend to create a much larger impact. With ever increasing global connectedness, programs such as CBYX hold a remarkable importance. Every small connection that is made-through friends, host family, and even strangers- acts to promote better understanding and open up new opportunities. I am very thankful for this vital program and that I will get to actively take part in diplomacy.

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